Parmer descendant?   Me too!  Ever wonder about the family?  Me too!  Who were they?   What were their lives like?  Where did they come from?  Where did they go?  These are all questions that I hope to answer on this blog.  And I hope you will help!

We are a product of our past.  We experience and we learn.  Our parents learn and they teach.  Who they were make us a little bit of who we are, good or bad.  We are a mixture of our forefathers.  Knowing them can help us understand who we are.  Where they have been can give us a sense of identity, purpose and direction.  Why don’t we make more effort to preserve our knowledge of them?  Good question.  Here is a place to do just that.  It’s fun to reminisce!  So take some time to share your knowledge and memories.  Click on your ancestor’s name and share what you remember by leaving a comment.

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