A Week About Annie–Home And Children

So what did we learn about Annie?  She lived in a few locations during her lifetime, but they were all in the same general area.  Remember from the previous posts,  Annie got married in 1895.  Her groom was Amos B. Brackbill.  Later that same year, Annie’s daughter Mabel was born in Whitehorse, according to Martin.  Luckily, we can find her in several census records that tell where she lived over the years.

  • 1900 Census in West Donegal township
  • 1910 Census in East Hempfield township
  • 1920 Census in Salisbury township

In the 1920 census, it’s interesting to note that Mabel, Annie’s daughter, was not working at age 23.  Neither were Annie’s 16 year old and 7 year old sons.  In the early 20th century, many people and organizations were lobbying against child labor.  However, in 1920, according to an NPR article, about 1 in 12 children were employed.  Annie’s family must have been well off enough that the children did not have to work.  That’s quite a difference from Annie’s father, who was likely hired out as a farm worker at age 10. Remember from some earlier posts that some Parmer children worked as young as 9 years old.

Annie and Amos had four children–Mabel, Amos, Elias, and Howard.  Here’s a photo of Mabel and son Amos with, I believe, their grandfather, Amos Brackbill.  The photo is labeled on the back as Amos, Mabel and Amos.  Mabel appears to be no more than five years old, considering that she was about 2 years and 4 months older than her brother Amos.  Their father Amos would have been about 28 years old and their grandfather about 60 years old.  Since the Amos in the photo appears more like a 60 year old than a 28 year old, I believe this is grandfather Amos with his two grandchildren, Mabel and Amos, about the year 1900.


Mabel was Annie’s only daughter.  She married Martin Wanner, and they farmed, as noted in previous posts.  Here’s a picture of Mabel, Martin, and their son Martin.

Mabel, Martin, and Martin Wanner on their farm. Photo compliments of Martin Wanner.

Father Amos had a blacksmith and mechanics shop in Intercourse, PA.  When he died, his sons continued on the business.  Son Amos continued the mechanic shop in Intercourse, and his sons continued the shop after him.  Son Elias took over the welding portion of the business.  Son Howard took over the mechanic business in Gordonville.

Here’s a couple pictures of advertisers for Brackbill’s Garage.