Robert E. “Bobby” Parmer, Jr Dies at 96

Robert passed away on August 7, 2016.

Here’s a copy of his obituary, which can also be accessed at LancasterOnline..  Thank you cousin Stephen for sending it to me.

Robert E. Parmer Jr. Obituary

Robert E. Parmer Jr. Obituary


I think I would have liked to have known Robert better, but I’m sure glad I was able to meet him.

Robert’s Family of Military Service


Robert served in the military, as did several of his siblings.  You can read more about the family’s service on my previous post.  Here is a collection of photos regarding Robert’s military service.


Here’s some photos of Robert’s siblings who served in the military.

Millitary photos

Top Row: Harry, Earl, Charles Bottom Row: Harry, Richard, Sam


Thanks for your service men!

Robert’s Photo Legacy

I figured calling Robert would not be a good option based on my previous phone calls.  So we just drove to his home.  He welcomed us in and shared lots of family pictures, some of which I have used in previous posts, including those about Samuel E. Parmer, who is Robert’s grandfather.  Robert’s father is Robert E. Parmer, Sr.

Robert Jr. was interested in preserving family photos.  He decided at some point that it was important to pass on family knowledge to future generations.  So he made copies of family photos, identified the individuals in the photos, and laminated them.  He produced many copies and would give them out at family reunions.  Imagine my joy at seeing all those photos!

Here is a collection of some of his photos, along with an introduction in Robert’s own hand.

Robert's photos intro

Introduction to Robert’s photos.


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Meet Robert Jr.

Meet Robert.  Here’s a picture of him and me on July 3, 2015.

Robert E Parmer Jr with Heidi

Meeting Robert E. Parmer Jr., July 3, 2015


Robert was 95 years old and going strong.  He lived by himself in an upstairs condo and still drove himself around.  Do you see the sandwiches on the counter in the background?  He was preparing his lunches for the week.

Robert E. Parmer Jr. was born on September 13, 1919 to Robert E. Parmer and Esther Suter.  He is the grandson of Samuel E. Parmer and the great-grandson of Samuel M. Parmer.

On my initial visit to Lancaster, PA, Robert was on my list of people to hopefully visit.  I had cold-called him on the telephone before visiting Lancaster, but he had a hard time hearing and understanding what I was saying over the telephone.  So on my last day  in Lancaster, I told Ronald that I’d like to visit Robert.  I’m so glad we did!