Parmer Siblings

Children of Samuel M. Parmer and Hetty Eckman: Siblings, below, clockwise from top left: John Jacob Parmer, Luther James Parmer, Samuel Elwood Parmer, Aldus Arthur Parmer, Margaret Alice Parmer Rote, William Eckman Parmer. Siblings not pictured: Martha Parmer (died in childhood 1877), Annie E. Parmer, Harry Allen Parmer.

One thought on “Parmer Siblings

  1. I am Martha Parmer Reid., 74. My father was William Walter Parmer and grandfather was Wayne Ritter Parmer. Wayne was one of 17 children from PA. I think I might be related. So interested in finding out more about family. I had 3 brothers, Wayne, Randy, Thomas. Wayne is still living 77. Other brothers are deceased. 2022 and 2014.


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