Tour of Luther and Edna’s Farm Home

Luther and Edna owned a farm, where they grew potatoes and other items.  Every week, they sold their produce and home baked goods at the farmer’s market.  One of the highlights of my visit to Lancaster was Ronald’s tour of the farm home.  The photo below is of the old root cellar, which is on the let side of the driveway.


On the right side of the driveway is the house and what used to be the barn, which has now been turned into another home.  The original farm home is now a rental, but, fortunately, it happened to be empty at the time of our visit.  Carolyn wanted to know if Ronald knew any information about a small staircase in the basement, so the video begins in the basement, after which Ronald P. Scott takes us on a tour of the home.  This is my first video, and it took a bit of editing, so please be patient with my amateur production.  I’ll get better with experience!

Thank you so much, Ronald, for the tour!


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