A Week About Annie–Did She Like Her Name?

That’s a good question!  Do you like your name?  Janet told us that Annie liked to be called Nancy.  Not sure why.  So I recently looked up information on nicknames, and I discovered that Nancy is a nickname for Ann.  But in the census records, she is always listed as Annie.  Seems a bit strange today for someone named Annie to be called Nancy, but it wasn’t so strange for Annie.

She had some very large old photos in frames.  One day she took the photos with her when she left the house, and, when she came home, she didn’t have the photos anymore. No one knows what happened to them, whether she gave them to someone or sold them at the antique shop.

I was really hoping to find a photo of Annie, but she didn’t like pictures.  She was very private.  If you asked her a question about her family or her life, she would wheel around and walk away.  Nevertheless, her family was important to her.  Her kids would come once a year for a little reunion.  And she and Mabel were close, visiting often with each other during the day.

Annie was about 95 years old when she died on May 1, 1972.  She was undoubtedly loved, appreciated, and missed.


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