Life as a Widower

John Jacob never remarried after his wife died.  I often wonder what leads a person to remarry or stay single after a spouse passes away.  He lived 27 years as a widower.  At his own funeral service, it was said that “He missed greatly the association of his mate that he loved and lived with for many years.  He lived alone for some 27 years, but he never lost that love or lost sight of that smiling face that lived with him.”


During those years as a widower, I imagine he had lots of time to spend with his posterity.  In 1932, he sold his property and moved to Bozeman, Montana.  Here are a few photos from his later years.


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One thought on “Life as a Widower

  1. I feel that those who truly found that one soul mate and truly loved them that they feel complete their vows with them. Sometimes after losing that one person you been married to for so long your heart does not have room to love another person or cannot find another partner to full fill what the first wife gave them.
    I never thought after losing my wife Julie that my heart had no more room to love someone else as much as I did my wife, companion, soul mate Julie . After losing her and relationship that I failed I was done trying to find another person to give my heart to. I feel this is how someone who has lost that one person they love. I have a friend that after he lost his first wife to cancer he has never found someone else to love and hasn’t stop loving his first wife. I feel that often times to they feel that they are not being faithful to their spouse they lost. This my opinion on this subject. But it is good question to do research to find why?


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