Parmer Siblings

Children of Samuel M. Parmer and Hetty Eckman: Siblings, below, clockwise from top left: John Jacob Parmer, Luther James Parmer, Samuel Elwood Parmer, Aldus Arthur Parmer, Margaret Alice Parmer Rote, William Eckman Parmer. Siblings not pictured: Martha Parmer (died in childhood 1877), Annie E. Parmer, Harry Allen Parmer.

5 thoughts on “Parmer Siblings

  1. I am Martha Parmer Reid., 74. My father was William Walter Parmer and grandfather was Wayne Ritter Parmer. Wayne was one of 17 children from PA. I think I might be related. So interested in finding out more about family. I had 3 brothers, Wayne, Randy, Thomas. Wayne is still living 77. Other brothers are deceased. 2022 and 2014.


    • Hello Martha! I’ve so glad you found my website. Yes, we are related! Your grandfather was second cousins with the Samuel M. Parmer (1839-1931) that I have talked a lot about on I would love to learn more about Wayne’s branch of the tree.


      • Wayne Rutter Parmer, my grandfather was one of 17 children although I know that not all lived. I’m thinking 13 survived.
        He lived in Pennsylvania. Married Edith Lutz Walter and had one son, my father, William Walter Parmer. He was a school administrator and superintendent of schools as his last career in Belleville, NJ and resided on Tiona Ave in that city.
        He had very very blue eyes and was very handsome. I don’t know much about my grandfathers family although know there were Rutter/Parmer reunions for a long time held in Lancaster, PA. I don’t know why my father and mother didn’t include us when they attended. Grandfather died in Florida hospital at the age of 80 from pancreatic cancer. (1964)
        L to R:
        William Walter Parmer, Wayne Rutter Parmer, Edith Walter Parmer, Anna Jane Bender Parmer
        Wayne William Parmer, Martha Jane Parmer


      • My brothers:
        Thomas Bender Parmer (deceased)
        Randy Michael Parmer (deceased)
        Wayne William Parmer – Age 78 Atlanta GA
        Martha Jane Parmer Reid Age 74 Roswell GA


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