Marriages, the Minister, and the Church

Young couples–they fall in love and get married.   Some of Samuel and Hettie’s children were married in Lancaster by Rev. D.W. Gerhard.  He served several congregations in the Lancaster area.  Excerpts of the marriage licenses shown below record the marriage taking place at 131 South Duke Street in Lancaster.  This might was likely the home of Rev. Gerhard.

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I thought it might be fun to go and walk along South Duke Street where so many of my relatives walked many years ago and where some houses that were standing way back then are still standing.  As I walked, I video taped.  Here’s the video:


Rev. D.W. Gerhard’s brief biography is available in the  “Biographical Annals of Lancaster County” published in 1903 and can be read by clicking here.  He was a minister for the German Reformed Church.

The German Reformed Church was formed during the Protestant Reformation when people broke away from the Roman Catholic Church.  Their teachings were influenced by Ulrich Zwingli and John Calvin. The Church has gone through many changes over the years, including name changes, mergers with other churches, etc.

Were the Parmers members of the German Reformed Church?  They may have attended the German Reformed Church, or Rev. Gerhard may have been a popular minister for performing marriages.  That is yet to be discovered.




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