John J. Gets Married

Somehow, somewhere, John Jacob met Elizabeth “Lizzie” D. Ebersole.  They fell in love and got married on Christmas day 1887. John Jacob was 20 years old, and Lizzie was 22. Their marriage license shows that they both lived in Witmer.  Their minister was D.W. Gerhard, a minster of the Reformed Church.  Many of John Jacob’s siblings were married by Rev. Gerhard.  Here are a couple images of their marriage certificates.  The pictures of them on the horses were taken many years later in Montana.




They were married in Lancaster, PA at 131 South Duke Street.  When I visited Lancaster a few years ago, I took a video and walked along the street where they were married 128 years prior.  You can watch the video at my previous post at Marriages, the Minister, and the Church.

Things change over the years–modes of transportation change, types of jobs change, ways of communicating change–but family relationships continue.  It’s likely the wedding ceremony that John and Lizzie had was different than wedding ceremonies today, even if just a little different, but the purpose remains the same–uniting two people in marriage, as husband and wife.  Certainly they experienced the same joy, excitement, and love that married couples experience today.  By remembering their story, I feel that I get to share a little bit in that excitement.  Hooray!  Congrats John and Lizzie!

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