Samuel Needs a Memorial Marker

Samuel M. Parmer needs a headstone!  He died June 20, 1931 in Lancaster, PA.  He was buried next to his wife, Hettie Ann, who died July 25, 1897, 35 years before Samuel.   However, for unknown reasons, perhaps the Great Depression, a headstone has never been placed for Samuel.  We would like to change that and place a memorial marker for Samuel.

Although there is a marker for Hettie, we are not able to use that current marker to add Samuel’s information.  A new granite memorial marker, 24 x 12 in size, is allowed to be placed for Samuel.  We can add Hettie Ann Parmer’s name and applicable dates, at no additional cost, on the new marker in smaller lettering than Samuel’s information.

We can make a difference, even if it has been 86 years!


Hettie Parmer headstone

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