A Week About Annie–Meeting Her Grandchildren

One of the greatest joys of family history is meeting and talking with newly found relatives.  When you’ve seen a name for years, and then you meet someone who knew that person, feelings and emotions previously unknown flood your entire being.  It’s hard to describe really.  Then you talk, and out comes the photo books, and it’s like you’ve know the family for years even though you are meeting them for the first time.  You might almost feel like you are sitting where they sat……

I was able to meet several of Annie’s descendants.  And it all started by looking in the phone book.  On my first adventure in July 2015, my newfound cousin, Ronald, called a number in the phone book, and we reached a cousin, James!  He was just a short distance away, so we went to visit him.  Then he sent us to another cousin, Janet, a short distance away.  Then she sent us to another cousin, Martin, a short distance away.  And by the end of the day, we had learned quite a bit about Annie.  What a joy it was to visit so many newfound cousins in one day!

As we sat and talked with Martin about Annie, he said, “Well, you are sitting in her chair.”  What?!  I was sitting where she sat!  That was euphoric.



Annie’s Chair


So what did we learn about Annie?  More to come this week….

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